The do's, don'ts, and definitely don'ts of defrosting your car windshield

An ice scraper is an effective way of clearing your windshield (WPDE)

It's a ritual that most people in South Carolina aren't used to; getting rid of the ice on your car windshield before you can actually get on the road.

But, when those mornings come around, some ice-removing methods are better than others.

"The easiest and best method is let the car do it for you," Cars 'N More owner Joe Spivey explained.

Spivey recommended starting your car a few minutes earlier than usual to give the defrosters time to warm up.

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If you're in a pinch, an ice scraper can save you some time, however Spivey recommends spending a few dollars for a ready-made tool, instead of trying to improvise.

"This won't damage your car like... maybe a spatula," he said, holding up a scraper frequently sold in places like gas stations and auto parts stores.

Still, the metal-on-glass isn't the worst idea he's come across.

"I've heard all kinds of crazy stories. I've heard of people taking ether (starting fluid), spraying it on their windshield, and setting it on fire," Spivey recalled.

Also on that list? Pouring hot water on a frozen windshield, which can cause the glass to crack.

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