The Automatic Stay Bill is making its way to the Governor's office

The International Drive project is one infrastructure project that has been inhibited by environmental organizations (WPDE file photo)

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce announced today that the Automatic Stay Bill (S 105) has been passed and is making it's way to the Governor's office.

The Automatic Stay Bill is "a bill that limits the time frame in which infrastructure projects can be delayed by individuals or groups without first properly demonstrating legal grounds or standing," according to the press release.

The bill was introduced by local Senators Luke Rankin and Steven Goldfinch, as well as Upstate Senator Danny Verdin. It passed the Senate on March 9.

Area Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement Tuesday:

We applaud the passage of S 105 by the South Carolina General Assembly, as changes to the Automatic Stay Law were long overdue. Modernizing this law protects taxpayers, enhances job creation and prevents obstructionists from holding important infrastructure projects hostage. We should never allow vital infrastructure projects like International Drive--a project widely supported by the public--to be held up by organizations that operate only for their self-serving interests. This new law establishes an appropriate balance between protecting our environment and growing our economy - a win-win for our community and businesses.

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