10 years later, Baby Boy Horry remains one of few unidentified bodies in the area

Ten years later, Baby Boy Horry remains one of the few unidentified bodies in the area (WPDE)

Ten years later and police and the coroner are still trying to figure out the identity of Baby Boy Horry. He was found lifeless in a box off of Highway 544.

"He would have been 10-years-old today and probably enjoying Christmas like other kids are," said Horry County Coroner Robert Edge.

Instead, he's buried at Hillcrest Cemetery unidentified. He's not the only unknown body in Horry County. Three years ago, a man's body was found at Ocean Creek Plantation in an indoor pool

"It's uncommon to have a death investigation where the victim is not identified," said Captain John Harrelson with Horry County Police's Criminal Investigation Division.

"In this situation, we have not located any family on either one, and honestly, they've made a hard effort to find someone,"said Edge.

How many other counties have unidentified bodies? Most in our area have none. Georgetown County has two unidentified homeless people. Dillon County's Coroner says he can't count the unknowns over the past 30 years, but has only had one in the past decade. He credits the high number to being off I-95.

"Any case like that is going to be periodically reviewed to see if there have been new forensic techniques developed since that case occurred, or maybe there's new, additional information or tips that have come in," said Captain Harrelson.

Why is it so hard to find out who these people are or what happened to them?

"A big part to any investigation is retracing the last steps of the victim, their last hours or day of their lives to who their families are, interviewing them, to getting information about the victim and what their life was like leading up to the event that led to their death," said Harrelson.

So, Baby Boy Horry will stay in a box, in the ground, until someone claims him. Anyone who can identify him or the man found at Ocean Creek Plantation is asked to call Horry County Police Department Tips Line at 843-915-TIPS (8477) or the Horry County Police Dispatch Center at 843-248-1520.

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