Technology connects dance studios across the globe

Technology connects a dance instructor, enabling her to teach ballet across the globe.(WPDE)

The Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre is preparing for their production of "The Sleeping Beauty," but the artistic director isn't sleeping at all, because she's teaching in two time zones.

Liza Mata is the Artistic Director for the Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, a non-profit organization that brings productions like "The Nutcracker" to the Grand Strand each year.

But, her coaching extends beyond these studio walls. Mata also manages a studio in the Philippines through FaceTime.

"And I can right away say, no, stop it, no," said Mata. "I do corrections on the spot."

Nearly 9,000 miles bridged by technology.

"I go home and work with them in the evenings, in the confines of our walk-in closet," said Mata. "That's how I teach them because I cannot make my husband get mad at me if I am screaming at all my students, so I have to be in the confines of the closet."

Liza Mata says she first opened the dance school 40 years ago in the Philippines when she lived there.

The Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre's, "The Sleeping Beauty" performance will be at Beach Church this weekend.

Shows are Friday, April 15 at 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m.

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