Tammy Moorer trial day 2: Former family friend testifies against her


The second witness of the day broke new ground in Tammy Moorer's kidnapping trial.

Moorer is accused of kidnapping and conspire to kidnap in connection to Heather Elvis' disappearance in 2013.

Prosecutors called Laura Garlitz to the stand. She said she knew the Moorer family through her teenage son.

Garlitz testified that she had both Sidney and Tammy Moorer's cell phone numbers, and the family came over to her house in early December to show off their new black truck.

She testified that Tammy had been drinking, but said it wasn't a surprise because it was a Saturday night.

She said Tammy wanted to smoke marijuana, which the two women proceeded to do in her bedroom.

After Heather Elvis went missing, Garlitz said Moorer talked to her about Elvis' relationship with Sidney Moorer.

"It wasn't sex, it was just oral sex," she recalled Tammy saying.

She said after the Moorers were released from jail, Tammy mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

"Someone from a rock band," Garlitz testified, saying she wasn't told of any open relationship that the Moorers had.

She also said Tammy had messaged her son on Facebook about the Heather Elvis case, accusing him of not being loyal to the Moorer family.

"I never told him about it," Garlitz said, explaining that she had access to his account.

Later, the court heard from a cell phone data analyst who said phones learn about their owners' habits over time.

He said data from Tammy and Sidney Moorer's phones showed changes in their behavior in early November, around the time the alleged affair was discovered.

The analyst explained that their cell phones began pinging off towers located near where Elvis lived and worked, even though all communication between the woman and the couple essentially stopped.

He said Elvis disappeared one week after the Moorers returned from their cross-country road trip, and connected her cell phone to Peachtree Landing on Dec. 18, 2013, where her car was later discovered.

The analyst was followed by several investigators that testified about surveillance video at Walmart and a Kangaroo gas station.

Investigators said Sidney Moorer could be seen on the first video buying a pregnancy test and a cigar. They said he used a pay phone across the street from the Kangaroo to call Elvis shortly before she disappeared.

The final witness of the day was a former deputy who spoke to Tammy Moorer when the investigation into Elvis' disappearance was underway.

Prosecutors played a video, where Moorer described the relationship between her and her husband as "open".

The investigator said she pulled out a hotel key that she discovered in Elvis' car, and showed it to Moorer.

She said the key led investigators to Sidney Moorer, who had paid for the hotel room.

Lastly, prosecutors made the witness read out a graphic Facebook post allegedly written by Moorer, where she described the affair between her husband and his mistress.

The witness said Moorer used the word "hoe" to describe Elvis, among other words, and placed the blame for the relationship squarely on the 20-year-old.

According to the post, Moorer admitted to having a boyfriend, but said Elvis' actions took the affair to a new level, affecting the Moorer's children.

The day before, lawyers for both sides made their opening statements. Prosecutors painted Moorer as an angry, jealous wife of a cheating husband who became enraged when she found out 20-year-old Elvis might be pregnant.

They told the jury she took away her husband Sidney Moorer's cell phone and chained him to the bed at night.

Defense attorneys called the case "a square peg in a round hole", and said Moorer looked forward to clearing her name.

Both her, Sidney Moorer, and Elvis' parents are on the potential witness list.

ABC15's Nick Papantonis is in the court room all week. You can follow along here:

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