Sushi Smackdown: Chefs to battle at Wicked Tuna on Sunday

Local chefs compete at Sushi Smackdown on Sunday at Wicked Tuna. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

An ultimate sushi chef battle will happen in our area this weekend.

The Sushi Smackdown challenge travels around the country and will make a stop in Murrells Inlet on Sunday, May 22, and local chefs are getting ready for the competition.

Gineu Kim is a sushi chef at the Wicked Tuna.

"I love the rush," said Gineu. "I love to make rolls and then I like to show off my skills in front of people."

He revels in rolls that look almost too good to eat.

"When you see people taking pictures of what you did and created and say 'Oh, that looks so good,' it feels good," said Gineu.

At The Wicked Tuna, Gineu works next to Terry Kim, but this Sunday, the two will battle against each other.

"It's exciting because I like a challenge with him," said Terry. "It's good experience."

Heading into the Sushi Smackdown, there's been some smack talk.

"Smack talk calms you down. It's not always a bad thing," said Gineu.

Mastering this creative cuisine is a true art.

"I mean, you can't learn this," said Gineu. "You either have it or you don't."

Fortunately, you can eat your mistakes. But, there's no room for mistakes on Sunday.

"I know I'm gonna win," said Gineu. "It's just how I'm gonna win."

Sushi Smackdown is Sunday, May 22 at 1 p.m. at Wicked Tuna.

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