Surfside Beach council members sign interim administrator contract

Mayor Childs signing the interim administrator's contract (WPDE)

A few minutes after wrapping up Tuesday night's meeting, Surfside Beach Town Council members passed several pieces of paper down the bench, each taking a moment to add their signature.

Those pieces of paper was the contract for the potential new interim administrator, Jim Duckett, who starts Wednesday morning as long as he signs the contract as well.

Details of the contract have not been released to the media.

Duckett takes over after the previous town administrator, Micki Fellner, was fired during a Town Council meeting last month, along with Deputy Administrator John Harrah.

However, Duckett is not new to Surfside beach. Town council members said he served as administrator from 2010 to 2012.

"We're hoping things settle down a little bit," Mayor Bob Childs said. "I think once the administrator gets in here and kind of guides the ship, I think things will take shape."

Council members praised Acting Administrator Ken Hofmann for keeping the town running since his appointment in the days following Fellner's ousting.

Hofmann, who normally serves as police chief, said he enjoyed getting a new perspective on how the town is run, but is happy to turn the administrator's chair back over to someone else.

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