Superhero movies creating comic craze

Inside local comic store Apocalypse Comics, where the owner says superhero movies are creating a new craze for comics. (Amanda Kinseth / WPDE)

As people rush to the theaters for the opening weekend of Batman v. Superman, the influx of superhero movies also has new fans rushing to buy comics.

Keith Von De Bur has more than a thousand comics.

For him, free time is read time.

"It just gives your imagination a little playground to play with. It's giving you the ideas and letting your mind take you into a little movie," said Von De Bur.

A movie is what started his collection.

And movies, like the new Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, are causing a comic craze.

"It is literally crazy right now," said Apocalypse Comics Owner Chad Hudson.

Hudson said superhero movies have dramatically transformed sales and increased price.

"There's books like this. For years and years it was a nothing comic. You've got the movie coming out now, it's a $70-$100 book," said Hudson.

He said female characters are also popular.

"My store has been open 10 years. Back when we first opened you'd be lucky to get three or four female customers a month. Now we have 10 to 15 to 20 plus a week," said Hudson.

Comic collectors like Von De Burr appreciate the additional aficionados.

"It's refreshing to see not only just the classic nerds reading the comics," said Von De Bur, "but just men and women alike wanting to read this kind of stuff."

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