Grand Strand football fans share Super Bowl superstitions

Super Bowl superstitions (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Superstitions. Every team has them.

“it’s just a lucky charm for me, I wore it through all of the playoff games,” said Tom Socash, an Eagles fan.

Eagles and Patriots fans were doing all they could to help their team win.

“I’m wearing my Carson Wentz jersey," said Marie Socash, an Eagles fan.

“Wearing this shirt, saying a prayer before games, saying the Eagles cheer, whatever it takes to help us win," said Brad Sharp, also an Eagles fan.

Most fans ABC 15 talked to had something special they wear that they think brings good luck.

“I feel like it would be bad luck not to wear it,” said Mary Phillips, a Patriots fan.

“My sweatshirt here is 3-0 so I had to wear this sweatshirt again and this hat,” said Eagles fan Bill O'Donnell.

“This is a new shirt I got for Christmas that I wore for the playoff games and they won, so it’s on today and I have on my Eagles earrings,” said Gale O'Donnell.

One fan took it pretty far, “I have my Eagles undershirt and my Eagles underwear,” said Bob Dugan.

Not only do these fans have superstitions to help their team win, they also do them for fun.

“Sure, sure, it’s been so fun being an Eagles fan this year, we don’t get this every year,” said O'Donnell.

Even ABC 15’s own have their superstitions: producer Meg O'Callahan dyed her hair pink for the big game and director MJ Moyer-Fittipaldi will not watch the game if her team scores while she’s looking away from the television.

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