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Super Bowl Sunday means big business for food industry

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When it comes to food consumption, Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving.

"They smile when you hit the door, because hey, I got your food," said pizza deliveryman Richie Lorenzana.

At Ultimate California Pizza the Super Bowl is like a holiday. It's one of their busiest days of the year.

This weekend's business is expected to double compared to a typical Sunday. Many customers will call in their orders.

"People are at home, and they want the food brought to them as a convenience. They like pizza and wings and things like comfort food, the stuff everybody likes. So our delivery is where our big sales increase comes from," says Bob Voss, manager.

Nearly 60% of take out food ordered on Super Bowl Sunday is pizza.

"Cause the game starts right around six o'clock, people order beforehand, eat beforehand, and then half time comes, and they'll order some more, and that's it for the night, and they're about full," said Lorenzana.

"It's just fun to have a busy day in the middle of winter," added Voss.

But pizza isn't the only popular item.

A whopping 14,500 tons of chips will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Avocadoes will turn into guacamole - 8 million pounds of the green dip to be exact.

And a party isn't complete without wings - 90 million chicken wings will be eaten nationwide.

"They start out eating in the morning, and they just keep going until the game's over," said Voss.

All those snacks leads to the consumption of about 1,200 calories on average.

It can take people a day to recuperate from the super bowl, 6% will call in sick to work on Monday.

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While 54% percent of Americans will grab a cup of coffee.

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