Super Bowl: Big game, big for local business

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The biggest game of the year also means some of the best business of the year for some local grocery and party stores. Employees are working at full speed, hoping to keep shelves stocked for game day.

The Food Lion off Belle Terre Boulevard in Myrtle Beach is one of those stores.

"It's full force for Super Bowl weekend," said Barbara Craig, the store's manager.

She knows the top sellers, "beer, sodas, chips."

That's not all. She says there's a surprising favorite Super Bowl weekend each year.

"Avocados. Believe it or not, we see tons of avocado (sales) this weekend," she said.

With a Super Bowl playbook manual of her own, she's making sure shipments, now double what they usually order, are filling the shelves.

Friday morning wasn't too bad. Bill Myers from Forestbrook took advantage, buying chips, salsa, and other snacks for the big game.

"We came to try to beat the rush and get home early," he said.

Super Bowl L (50) in 2016 generated more than $260 million according to Forbes. Super Bowl LII (52) leaves plenty of opportunity for party stores like Karin Holt's One Stop Party Shop off Seaboard Street in Myrtle Beach.

Fans lined up Monday to check out balloons and paper plates, marked by their favorite Super Bowl team's logos.

"As soon as they know the final two teams, the balloons and the paper is usually the first thing they're coming for," said Holt.

Her shipment of Eagles and Patriots party ware just came in this week.

I actually have been online and on the phone trying to find Eagles stuff for the Super Bowl," said Barb Eisenhardt, a longtime Eagles fan.

She found it. Plates, cups, and balloons were all laying in the front section of the store.

"I would say it's been nonstop orders and then (Saturday) will be the busiest for pre-orders and we'll get a lot of last minute people on Sunday," she said.

Holt said the Super Bowl weekend is one of the busier weekends of the year for her. She said balloon sales usually top Valentine's Day sales. One reason for that -- her customers aren't just people looking for balloons at home parties. A lot of her business comes from restaurants at Broadway at the Beach, also gearing up for Super Bowl celebrations.

As for the Food Lion, food shipments have doubled since the playoffs started. The Super Bowl is the final push of football season for the chips and dip, said Craig.

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