Students showcase talents to support future of fine arts

A group of students perform "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey at the fifth annual Wave of the Future show Sunday. Some of the money raised goes to support Horry County Fine Arts programs. (Jordan Brotherton/WPDE)

More than 600 Horry County School District students danced, sang and performed to keep fine art programs for future generations.

It happened Sunday at the 5th annual Waves of the Future - Chicora Rotary's Celebration of Horry County Schools at the Calvin Gilmore Theater.

About 20 acts from singing, to dancing, to instrumentals took the stage, consisting of elementary, middle and high school students.

"For the students, it's a terrific opportunity for them, for their parents and the administrators, it's a great supporting event because we as adults see and use fine arts in our everyday lives," said Scott Scrivner, Director of Fine Arts for the Horry County School District.

Since 2013, when the event first started, more than 3,000 students have performed.

It's raised more than $145,000, $60,000 of which have been donated to the district's fine arts programs.

All proceeds go toward the Horry County Fine Arts programs and local and international Rotary projects.

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