Storm surge spares Garden City coast; visitors stay to watch

Storm surge from Michael grazes Garden City's coastal properties. (WPDE)

For people that stuck around our coast, it wasn’t a typical sight in Garden City, with grey skies and 5-8’ ocean waves.

“We love watching the ocean,” said Mariann Munn, a visitor from Missouri.

She loves to watch it even on a day like Thursday with a tropical storm agitating our typically calm sea water.

“A couple of years ago, we were evacuated because of a hurricane coming in, so we’re thankful we didn’t have to evacuate," she said.

She left during Hurricane Matthew, when the storm surge battered our coast and demolished oceanfront decks like the one at Atalaya Towers.

“Yes, and we said a lot of prayers so it wouldn’t get ripped out again because they just finished it,” said Munn.

This time the storm surge wasn’t a big threat in Garden City, just brimming to the edge of buildings at high tide.

Visitors had a front row seat for the storm, while locals took in the view over breakfast.

Bud Joynes favorite outdoor activity has been on pause since Florence.

“The water’s been so filthy that you couldn’t catch a fish even if you tried anyway,” said Joynes.

While he waits for blue water, Munn waits for blue skies.

“We’re going to be sitting out there in the sun," said Munn.

Historically Garden City falls victim to storm surges because it’s low lying with minimal sand dunes.

Fortunately, this time, Michael spared us.

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