STEM field trips: The fun way to learn at Fun Warehouse

The Fun Warehouse offers S.T.E.M. field trips for kindergarten through 12th grade. (WPDE)

Horry County Students are finding out that the Fun Warehouse isn't just for fun.

A visit could just lead to a career in engineering.

Between the music, singing and arcade games, Carolina Forest Elementary kindergartners are surrounded by sound.

Hey, no one ever said the Fun Warehouse was quiet.

"The lights and sound really create the energy and environment, which really make it a little more exciting," said Tracy Brown, Fun Warehouse.

Plus, it's an exciting way to learn.

It's not everyday you get to see the inside of an arcade machine. From sound waves to self-powered light up roller skates, students and parents realize this world of fun is really a realm of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

"It's just amazing," said Gloria Milton, the mother of one of the students. "I think it's really fulfilling for the kids to go out and do something."

During the STEM field trip at Fun Warehouse, students get a behind the scenes tour. It's a portal to the application of what they learn in school.

"You'll see it start to click," said Brown. "'Oh, we learned about this in class. This is how they put this. This is how they use this. This is how you make something cool!'"

It's inspiring the students to make something cool, perhaps as an engineer, when they're older.

The Fun Warehouse offers STEM field trips for kindergarten through twelfth-grade. Topics include Newton On Skates, Science of Lighting, Arcade STEM and more.

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