Disaster relief volunteers leave for Florida while others stay in the Carolinas

Some disaster relief volunteers are headed to Florida while others are on their way to Horry County to continue recovery efforts. (WPDE)

In our area, many people still need assistance.

However, some recovery volunteer groups already left to help in Florida with the onset of Hurricane Michael.

The Horry County Disaster Relief group Waccamaw VOAD just recruited more volunteers to Horry County.

Larry Stoner, Mennenite Disaster Service, said his volunteers from Pennsylvania will likely commit to being in Horry County for the long term.

"Right now we could commit to being here for 6-7 months," said Stoner. "We're interested in helping with the repair and building, if that is necessary, if funding is available and if volunteers have a place to stay."

The funding is for building materials.

More than a thousand people so far in Horry County requested help from VOAD, and you can still register for assistance or to volunteer at

Also, Cuthbert Langley with the American Red Cross says its South Carolina workforce will stay here to help people in our area.

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