Many Spectrum customers in Florence wake up to black screens

(Rosalia Fodera)

Many Spectrum customers in Florence woke up to black screens on Tuesday.

Tuesday was the area's deadline to get a new digital receiver.

It happened in Horry County last month.

As a result, the line outside the Spectrum store in Florence on Tuesday was out the door.

People like Parrish Jackson waited in the line for an hour for her two receivers.

She noticed her cable was out after sending her children to school

“I was like hold on I ain’t got no cable. So I knew I had come up here. First I came here around one o’clock, seen the line, left. I said okay I’m going to come back, you know, give about an hour, come back and the line was even longer. I said let go ahead and deal with the line,” Jackson said.

The store even set up a tent for people to wait in in the shade and they handed out water

Spectrum says they notify customers a month before the conversion in their area.

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