Some worried impacts from storm could cause more flooding


Some people across the Pee Dee are worried that heavy rains connected with Hurricane Michael could again lead to widespread flooding.

Many communities in low lying areas are prone to flooding during a normal thunderstorm and that's why people who live in those areas are pretty worried.

81-year-old Robert Thomas, Sr. has lived on Beechwood Road for about 20 years. Thomas said every time it rains, it floods.

“This fills up, and has been filling up every time it rains. Because the two gutters are blocked. What happens is, the sand, you get sand lining here. Because we’re on sandy ground. That’s there. When the rain comes it pushes all that sand down until those gutters. And a doesn’t free flow then," said Thomas.

Luckily, Thomas' home is a on a slope and water never reaches his yard, but he's concerned about his neighbors and people driving through all the standing water.

“I’m concerned about people not knowing that this goes down; that there is a gap. That they’re risking their lives and they’re risking being in an accident coming through here. Because a lot of people missed judge it, " said Thomas.

People who live along Darlington Street in Florence are praying for little rain because their yards easily flood.

Florence County Emergency Management Public Information Officer Levi James said they're hoping the break in rainfall Wednesday night will help floodwaters to quickly recede before more rain comes Thursday.

James said they're closely monitoring the storm and its impacts to Florence County.

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