Some want added warnings for train at intersection where Florence woman was struck, killed

The Pine Street track is busy with both trains and foot traffic. (WPDE)

Debra Johnson Cox was at the train tracks near the intersection of Barringer and Pine Streets when an Amtrak train hit and killed her.

Her death is the third in the county this year, another happened around the same intersection in August.

Jessica Taylor says she walks across these train tracks every day with her son.

"I go to the store, to the library," Taylor said.

The same tracks Debra Cox was on when she was hit and killed by the train on Tuesday.

Marcus Simmons was Cox’s minister, at the New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Florence, he says she took that route all the time with her bike, that she would sometimes carry over the tracks.

"She rode the bike everywhere so if she did have her bike that day I could see her doing that," Simmons said.

The Pine Street track is busy with both trains and foot traffic.

Florence Police Department Lieutenant Mike Brandt says trains may look like they’re going slower than they are and people need to be careful.

"The barricades are active please don’t go around them. Trains are massive they cannot stop in a short distance," Brandt said.

Brandt says the lights and the crossing gate offer enough time for people to make it across before the train comes, but the people we talked to who walk there everyday, like Jessica Taylor, say it needs to be safer.

"Put signs up to say that the train is coming. So more signs and more lighting," she said.

"More lights and visibility, especially at night," Charles Planter, another regular pedestrian in that area, said.

As for Debra Cox, Simmons says she loved life, people, and church.

Simmons says she would always let people know that she loved them, "Always would hug everyone letting them know, 'I love ya.'"

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