Some upset security guards at Florence schools will make more than certified deputies


Some residents are upset that unarmed security guards working at high schools in Florence School District One (FSD1) will be making more money than School Resource Officers, who are certified deputies with the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Many parents have contacted us asking us to look into this situation.

FSD1 Board of Trustees approved the district's $154 million budget for the 2018-19 school year, which included $200,000 for security guards.

The guards will help or provide assistance to SROs.

FSD1's website says the guards will be paid an hourly rate of $16.12-$23.09 depending on their experience.

The Florence County government's website says a starting deputy makes between $12.57-$13.04 an hour.

Many people say that's just crazy and can't seem to understand why security guards will be paid so much more than a deputy.

We called the district for a breakdown of the guards' salaries, but was told the person who can provide that information to us is out of town.

District administrators said they will provide us with that information sometime Wednesday.

We will pass it along to you when we get it.

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