Some precinct changes in Florence County ahead of November elections


There are some precinct changes in Florence County ahead of the November elections, according to Florence County Representative Terry Alexander (D-59).

Alexander held a news conference Wednesday morning along with Florence city council members Teresa Myers Ervin and Pat Gibson Hye-Moore, Florence School One Board of Trustee Alexis Pipkins, Jr., Florence County Democratic Party Chairman Lashonda Nesmith Jackson, Florence County Branch NAACP Officer Jerry Keith, Jr. and representatives from other organizations.

Alexander released the following statement:

"During the primaries, some of you vote outside of your precinct area. Those of you who normally voted at the Beck Center on Sumter Street (now under construction) were relocated to Carver Elementary School on Cashua Street. Further, those of you who voted at the Florence County Health Department on Evans Street were also relocated to the same site at Carver Elementary School. So, there were three different precincts located at one site. This was very confusing, to say the least, more importantly, inconvenient for all involved. Voters had to leave their assigned precincts to vote. Somewhat suppressive to voters, I would think.

We now can tell you that those voting sites have been brought back into their original communities. Those who voted at the Health Department can now go back to that site to vote in November. And for those who live on the Northwest side of Florence who were voting at the Beck Center (Old Carver Elementary) will be voting at the Thelma Brown Head Start Center this November, as well."

There are also more ways for people to vote by absentee ballot, Alexander said.

"Absentee voting has been extended for several locations throughout the lower part of the county to include Johnsonville at the Johnsonville Public Library on South Georgetown Rd. and in Lake City at the Lake City Public Library on Main St. Beginning October 29th-November 1st between the hours of 8:30AM to 5:00PM, voters in those areas will be able to vote absentee which will allow you to avoid the long distance travel to the city of Florence to do so. There are considerations of expanding more absentee voting locations for the 2020 election cycle. Let's make these new locations work," said Alexander.

You can still register to vote for the Nov. 6 election. The deadline has been extended to Oct. 17.

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