Report: Camera footage shows sheriff's deputy as victim of domestic violence


A Darlington County Sheriff's deputy found himself in the middle of a domestic violence investigation, after an incident between he and his girlfriend.

According to an incident report and news release, on the night of July 10, Darlington County sheriff's deputies were called to a current deputy's home in Hartsville.

The report states that an incident happened between a deputy and his live-in girlfriend.

The deputy's girlfriend told officials she and the deputy began fighting after an argument started "over a phone charger she found in a bedside table that had some letters on it 'KKK.'"

She said, at one point during the fight, the deputy "went inside to get away from him and he kicked the door open and when he came in he pushed her into an end table and the couch and it caused her to fall."

However, when the deputy was asked about the situation, he told officials his girlfriend was the first to become physically violent.

According to the report, the deputy said his girlfriend "got up and went over and turned [him] over while he was in the rocking chair. Then he stated she started kicking him in the face about five to six times."

The deputy said his girlfriend then "ran into the house trying to close the front door and he lowered his shoulder into the door causing damage to the front door."

Both parties stated that they did not wish to press any charges in relation to the incident.

Responding deputies said there was a camera on the front porch of the home that was in operation at the time of the domestic incident.

The report said, when deputies checked the camera footage, it showed that the girlfriend "came out of the house and slapped [the deputy] while he was still sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch. She then went over and turned [the deputy] over and began swinging at him in the face area."

Officials said the footage did not show the deputy's girlfriend kick him "as it was out of the camera range."

According to the news release, since the incident involved a current Darlington County deputy, the incident was turned over to the Florence County Sheriff's Office to investigate.

FCSO found that DCSO was not the aggressor in the incident and he was cleared.

His name will be not be released, as he has been identified as the victim in the incident, DCSO said.

FCSO also found that the cell phone charger that may have started the argument had the initials of "KK" and not "KKK" on it.

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