Neighbors in disbelief after police find body of missing baby: "She got her wings."

9 month-old Aaliyanna McCoy lived in this home with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. They are charged in her death. New details describe what may have happened. (Taggart Houck/WPDE). 

People living along 3rd Avenue South said they can't believe 9 month-old Aaliyanna McCoy is gone and the adults living with her are charged with her murder.

Myrtle Beach police released arrest warrants and affidavits for the mother, Ladasha Harriett, and her boyfriend, Daquan Jamal Simmons, who are charged with killing Harriett's daughter.

Those documents detail what may have happened to McCoy.

Maggie was a next-door neighbor to the couple and McCoy. She said learning about the tragedy changed her.

"The lights sort of went out for me. They really did," she said, holding back tears Monday afternoon.

She said she learned Aaliyanna was no longer alive on Monday.

"She'd like to watch Teen Titans...anything cartoonish," said Maggie. "I'd turn the chair around and she'd sit there and she would be very quiet the whole time," she said.

Warrant affidavits show Harriett said Simmons beat the child to death on July 15 while Harriett did nothing to stop him.

Those affidavits also say Simmons then put McCoy's body back in a baby carrier and left the apartment where the incident happened for an unknown location.

However, the next day, the two went back for the baby's body, that time burying her along Hague Drive.

"This girl lived next door to me for seven to nine months. She asked me for a cigarette every day, but could not tell me that baby and [she] were in danger?" she said. "I don't believe it. I do not believe she did not think I would help her."

Many neighbors along 3rd Avenue S. echoed that sentiment on Monday.

"The baby didn't even get to walk. But she got her wings ... and that I can hold onto," said Maggie.

Maggie said some of the neighbors are coming together. They're hoping to hold a vigil for the 9-month-old baby.

No word yet on when that might be.

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