Dozens indicted on charges of trafficking drugs in Florence, Marion, Horry counties

(Tonya Brown/WPDE)

Several people have been indicted by the South Carolina State Grand Jury on charges of trafficking heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and crack cocaine, as well as money laundering, as part of a drug ring in Horry, Florence and Marion counties, according to a news release from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

Prosecutors said heroin sold in one of cases caused someone to die.

The case is known as “Gimme the Loot," according to the news release.

In total, there are 125 charges against 24 people.

Those charged are:

  • Gary Lee Brown (A/K/A “Biggie”), (A/K/A “Biggs”)
  • Jovan Steven Graves (A/K/A “J”)
  • Donald Edward Johnson (A/K/A “Moses”)
  • Jarvis Lamont Bellamy (A/K/A “Face”)
  • Jusortine Cornisha Joyner (A/K/A “Tina”)
  • Charles Edward Taylor, Jr. (A/K/A “CT”)
  • Komayne Latrone Brown
  • Maxie Leroy Dunham, Jr.
  • Frederick Deon Waiters (A/K/A “Bozo”)
  • Bryan Keith Foxworth (A/K/A “Bo Peep”), (A/K/A “Bo Pete”)
  • Tremaine Demonta Hayes (A/K/A “Trey”)
  • David Legette (A/K/A “Tootie”), (A/K/A “Feddi”)
  • Murice Capri McFadden (A/K/A “Big Show”), (A/K/A “Show”)
  • Phillip Leroy Johnson (A/K/A “Yank”)
  • Teofilo Romell Clark (A/K/A “Flo”)
  • Craig Roshell Maxwell (A/K/A “Craig Mac”), (A/K/A “C Mac”)
  • Corey Dion Miller
  • Jamel Tyequan Williams (A/K/A “Popeye”)
  • Corry Johnson (A/k/a “C”)
  • Joseph Roberts (A/K/A “Joe”)
  • Demario Jawaun Hyman (A/K/A “Mario”), (A/K/A “Man”)
  • Dustin Levon Rogers
  • Raven Brown
  • Maxie Leroy Dunham, Jr.

The State Grand Jury returned the following indictments out of the three counties:

Some of the suspects appeared in court in Marion County Monday afternoon for bond hearings and ABC15's Tonya Brown was inside the courtroom.

Authorities wiretapped cell phones to gather information for this case.

"This is one of the first cases in which the state purely ran it's own wiretap. It was state authorized....state run with technology by SLED," said Creighton Waters, Asst. Deputy Attorney General.

The investigation was led by the Attorney General’s State Grand Jury section and the State Law Enforcement Division and involved the Marion County Combined Drug Unit, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Marion Police Department, the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, the Florence Police Department, the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Drug Enforcement Unit, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

“I want to thank all of the hard work of the men and women of the State Grand Jury division of the Attorney General’s Office as well as the outstanding work of the men and women in law enforcement who are on the front lines of this battle,” Attorney General Wilson said in the release. “I’m committed to using the full resources of the Attorney General’s office to fight the war on drugs and put these dealers where they belong.”

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