Self driving car toured Myrtle Beach for motor vehicle conference


Workers at the DMV say it's the future. Self driving cars toured myrtle beach today.

Officials with Continental Automotive North America put the cars on display.

They showed off the four cameras and seven radar sensors.

It was Pam Goheens first time in a fully automated vehicle. She works in Virginia at the DMV. She says it's all about safety.

"The vehicle, when it senses a need for the driver to take back control, it will prompt the driver to do so. And if the driver, for whatever reason, doesn't do that, then the vehicle has the capability of automatically and safely pulling over to the side of the road," said Goheens.

DMV workers say they need to learn about the technology now so they can be prepared for when the cars go on sale.

People packed the convention center in Myrtle Beach for a conference of motor vehicle administrators where the self-driving car was displayed.

Leaders talked motor vehicle issues and law enforcement.

Myrtle Beach's spokesperson Mark Kreua says the center is designed to host trade shows.

In the last 12 months, it's been home to almost 200 events.

Kreua says it's a way to introduce others to Myrtle Beach. "The convention center quietly sits there and brings people to Myrtle Beach. They stay in our hotels, they eat at our restaurants they shop in our stores. That's what it's all about."

Kruea crunched the numbers to find out what type of economic impact events provide.

He says the city sees about $50 million in revenue from local events at the convention center and more than $110 million for regional conferences or events.

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