See something, say something mentality leads to arrest on Withers Drive


A man wanted for murder in Pennsylvania is in jail in Horry County after police received a call reporting suspicious activity.

Someone called Myrtle Beach police to report a man "tampering with a residence" around the 2300 block of Withers Drive.

When police arrived, they found Matthew Darby, who is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend Alina Sheykhet.

"We encourage individuals, if you see something, say something. This is a great example of something that was very small. It may not mean something to someone else but it ended up being a significant issue," said Captain Joey Crosby, the public information officer of the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Police credit this arrest to someone calling over a seemingly minor suspicious activity. They feel if more people call on small suspicions, they could make more arrests.

"They had him sitting on the sidewalk over there in handcuffs," said Charity Hudson, who witnessed the arrest.

Police say the arrest is a positive step in strengthening the relationship between the community and the police.

"This person who made that phone call did not know this guy was wanted for murder out in another jurisdiction, but because of that one phone call, this individual is behind bars," said Crosby.

But, police know not every call will lead to an arrest.

"Sometimes it may not lead to an arrest but what we can do is document the situation and it may help an investigation," said Crosby.

"If I see something out of the ordinary, I would definitely would call the police or tip some authority off and let them know what's going on cause, you know, I worry about my safety, my husband's safety, and the safety of our community and everything. I don't want anything to happen to anybody," said Hudson.

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