Search underway for alligator that killed dog in neighborhood off 707

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An alligator reportedly grabbed and killed a dog late Thursday in Cypress River Plantation and an agent contracted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the plantation HOA is now searching for that gator.

A neighbor said a young boy was laying with the dog when it got in the water. That's when the alligator grabbed the 100 pound lab.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources got a call late Thursday night about the dog and a contracted agent was called to the area to assess the situation, according to Andrew Grosse with SC DNR Wildlife division.

Grosse said the agent was on scene about 45 minutes after the call came in.

Russell Cavender, also known as the Snake Chaser, was the agent called Thursday night. He said he wasn't able to find the alligator when he arrived at the scene, but he is still working to track it down.

"I think it's scary. It's not something you'd be thinking of when you're out walking your pets," said Troy Miller, a dog owner who lives in Cypress River Plantation.

Grosse said a pond in that neighborhood is believed to contain multiple alligators.

He said if Cavendar is able to find the alligator and confirm that it is the alligator that killed the dog, then the agent will remove the alligator at the order of DNR. DNR will not kill multiple animals in an effort to find the right one, Grosse said.

He said if the specific alligator can't be found then it's up to the HOA to decide what to do.

"I mean, we do live in an area that they're native to so it is something people don't think about," said Miller.

Cavendar said he has now been hired by the neighborhood homeowner's association to find the alligator.

Alligators think of humans as food when they get food from humans.

"Fed is dead," said Cavender.

The alligator emergency line for SCDNR is 1-800-922-5431.

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