Scotland County voters set to cast ballot in referendum

Courtesy: Bryan Graham

Scotland County voters will cast ballots Tuesday for a 1/4 of a penny sales tax increase to help with the operational cost of a multi generation center near the James L. Morgan recreational complex on Turnpike Road in Laurinburg, according to Scotland County Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Graham.

Graham said the current local sales tax would increase from 6.75% to 7%.

He added the tax would generate an estimated $600,000 to $700,000, which would be dedicated toward the project.

Graham said the Scotland County Commissioner approved a resolution for all monies to be dedicated to the annual operating costs of the $10 to $12 million facility.

Graham added, "This plan calls for construction funding from 4 major stakeholders; Scotland County, Scotland Memorial Hospital, Scotland County Schools, and the City of Laurinburg. If any of the three (Other than Scotland County) decline funding upon approval of the sales tax, then the project would be downsized. The state of the art facility features numerous amenities including aquatic facilities, art & craft rooms, exercise rooms, and a gymnasium. "

Renderings for the facility are listed on the Scotland County website .

Graham plans to go live on Scotland County Parks & Recreation Facebook page Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to answer any questions in reference to the 1/4 cent bond referendum.

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