SCDOT crews got a head start, but many still worry about morning road conditions


The South Carolina Department of Transportation started pre-treating the roadways Tuesday before the winter weather arrived Wednesday.

But many people were still concerned about what driving conditions will be like once the winter storm passes through.

"The biggest concern is car accidents, you know somebody hitting you from behind, or you know you could slide on the black ice," said Horry County resident Gail Anderson.

Many who have relocated here from the north say this bizarre winter weather has somewhat thrown them for a loop.

"When I first came down here, we didn't have the cold weather I mean it was like 50 degrees 60 degrees in the winter and it was great. This is the first year where I've actually had to turn the heater on in my house, you know, because its gotten so cold," said Horry County resident Linda Tonelli.

As a result, many are prepping to avoid risking an icy commute.

"The minute they tell me its gonna be icy and stuff like that I kinda say okay you know just stay home and I do things around the house," said Tonelli.

But if you have to venture out for whatever reason Horry County resident Kerry Kelly says to "keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, watch how you brake your vehicle."

Some of us may be over this weather, but for others...

"This is what I moved here for, a little touch of winter and that's it," said Steve Wunderly.

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