SCDNR updates flood projection map, adds disclaimer for local predictions


Heavy rains from Hurricane Florence continue to cause widespread flooding in parts of South Carolina, causing residents to panic, searching for the latest information on how the flooding will affect their area.

On Saturday night, the map was updated and a disclaimer was added.

It reads: "This is not a map of real-time flooding conditions. It is not intended for site specific or local prediction or forecasting. For evacuation and property preparation decisions, please rely on local authorities."

SCDNR posted an online map projection tool which was shared on social media, and now many residents are turning to the tool.

However, SCDNR wants to stress that the map projection tool is just that: a projection. It is NOT meant for citizens to use to predict or forecast local or specific sites.

The map was created with local and state emergency management officials and GIS specialists in mind to help with planning and preparation for potential flooding in their jurisdictions.

The map represents broad-scale approximation of flooding only.

Residents of flood-affected areas should NOT rely on this mapping tool to make personal evacuation or property preparation decisions.

SCDNR says peak flooding could be greater or lesser than what is represented on the map, and it is absolutely NOT a real time reflection of current flooding.

If you have any questions concerning the SCDNR Flood Approximation online mapping tool, please email them to:

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