SC Governor in favor of Automatic Stay, no word on when he'll sign

The Automatic Stay Bill cracks down on groups delaying construction on projects across the state. It passed the South Carolina House and Senate and now sits on Governor Henry McMaster's desk. (Taggart Houck/WPDE)

The House and Senate have moved forward with the Automatic Stay Bill. It's now on Governor McMaster's desk.

The bill passed through the House last week and is intended to limit the time frame infrastructure projects can be delayed by individuals or groups without properly showing legal grounds or standing.

State Representative Russell Fry voted in favor. He said it comes down to money, that certain conservation groups around the state hold up construction efforts, therefore affecting taxpayer dollars.

"Businesses are not being held up through frivolous court challenges by environmental groups and so, it allows them to get to a judge to weigh the arguments quicker. We have seen this tactic used here in Horry County on International Drive [construction,]" he said.

McMaster said he's in favor of the bill, but wouldn't give a timetable for when he'd sign it.

"I think it's a good bill. I think it protects the consumers, it protects the environment but also it limits the time at which these projects can be held up," he said, Monday.

"We don't need to have baseless blocks in the way of trying to help our citizens," said Fry.

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