Roundtable: Myrtle Beach church wants to leave denomination over homosexuality debate


Leaders at a Myrtle Beach Methodist church wants to leave its denomination because of the homosexuality debate.

Leaders want to peacefully leave the denomination and become independent, Pastor Jeff Dunn at Christ United Methodist Church said.

Dunn has been leading members of the church for more than 20 years, and said him, along with his congregation do not want to change their stance on homosexuality.

In February, the Council of Bishops will meet in St. Louis to discuss the Methodist denomination's stance on aspects of homosexuality.

Ahead of that Dunn said him, along with church leaders and members decided it would be best to walk away from the denomination. Dunn said they have around one thousand members who are really committed and probably two or three thousand members who call Christ United their home church. About 98 percent of members agreed with the decision to ask to leave the denomination.

Friday, Dunn sat down for a roundtable discussion with Grand Strand Pride co-founder Terry Livingston and Grand Strand Pride member Cathy Jones to discuss the topic.

Watch the full interview here:

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