Robotics competition teaches teens life skills

    Robotics competition teaches teens life skills (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)<p>{/p}

    Robots are taking over Myrtle Beach for the 15th Annual Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition.

    The 64 teams competing only had six weeks to build their robots that compete with and against other teams.

    During that time, students learn more than just engineering.

    "Working on a budget, on a schedule, they're doing marketing analysis on their own, it's such a wide variety and diversity of skills that they're obtaining that's going to propel them to their future through on to college to even to the workplace," said David Lewis, the engineering chair at Horry Georgetown Technical College.

    "It gives you social skills that you will need when you're working for a company," said Tamara Hanecraff, who is on a robotics team from the Netherlands.

    Students say learning all these skills has helped them learn what they want to do for their careers.

    "I want to do something with robotics but not really robotics, I want to do prosthetics," said Hanecraaf.

    "I joined the team thinking I would be into robotics but I actually had a second thing I also like, and that's more in the management and economics side," said Geroaen Dorstmans, who is also on a robotics team from the Netherlands.

    "The more you get involved, the more doors that you see are available to you. Now, those doors were always there, but you weren't aware of them. And so now as those doors become aware to you, you begin to pursuing more opportunities," said Lewis.

    Colleges, corporations, and businesses provide scholarships to the participants.

    If your teenager is interested in robotics, all Horry County high schools have robotics teams that competed this weekend.

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