Robeson County woman says she's been cheated over grandchild's headstone

"His tombstone is supposed to be right here, where I'm standing," said Oxendine. (WPDE)

Jennifer Oxendine said she paid $1,842 to a company out of Monroe, North Carolina back in August for a headstone to be placed at her five-year-old grandson's graveside in the Maxton community of Robeson County.

Oxendine showed us bank receipts showing she paid the company in full for the headstone, but has yet to get it.

"I shouldn't have to be going through this right now. I'm still grieving the loss of my grandson," said Oxendine.

She added she's called the company several times in recent months, but could never get up with the actual owner.

Oxendine said she called back in January and learned the company was out of business.

"I should've went with someone local, but I didn't. I thought I was doing what was best, but turns out, I've done the wrong thing. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I miss my grandson so much. He was my grandson, but he was mine," said Oxendine.

She said she found out the owner owed two companies in Georgia about $600 for the granite and artwork on the headstone.

We called the company that did the artwork and they said the actual bill for them is $310, but they'll only charge her $200.

The company said Oxendine will still have to pay the granite company what's owed to them before they'll ship the headstone to Maxton.

Oxendine said she doesn't have the money to pay them and she's already paid in full.

" I am disabled. And my husband is the only one working. And then we have two daughters and a grandson that stays here with us," she said.

Oxendine has complained to Monroe police.

We're waiting to hear back from Monroe police to determine if the owner faces charges in connection with Oxendine's complaint.

We've learned the owner of the Monroe company is charged with breach of trust in Dillon County, according to Captain Cliff Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

Arnette said a family in Dillon County paid the owner for the headstone and he's yet to deliver it.

We'll let you know of any new developments in this investigation.

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