Robeson County Sheriff sends stern warning to drug dealers

    Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins. (Photo: Robeson County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page)

    A social media post by Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins has attracted a lot of attention.

    Wilkins posted a warning to drug dealers in his community that he’s coming after them.

    He said during his campaign that he would be targeting dope dealers because he believed drugs fueled a lot of crime in Robeson County.

    He posted the following message on Facebook:

    “Attention Union Chapel area near the school and store; the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the drug dealing going on your area. The Drug Enforcement Division, SWAT and the Community Impact Team will be visiting soon. To the criminal element wreaking havoc and selling poison especially near a school, you have been warned. We are coming and you are not gonna like it. To the owners of the property that are allowing this to continue on your property, my office will be seeking Nuisance action in hopes of utilizing your property as a future Sheriff’s Office sub-station. #notfunandgameswhenwecome #drugsandkidsdontmix #bootsonthegroundcoming2u #citizensarefedup”

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