Robeson County School Board decides to work with the state to find new superintendent

Tonight the Robeson County school board decided to work with the North Carolina School Board Association (NCSBA) to find a new superintendent (WPDE)

On Tuesday, the Robeson County school board made the decision to work with the North Carolina School Board Association (NCSBA) to find a new superintendent.

The decision comes after the board bought out their previous superintendent's contract and then rescinded an employment offer issued to Thomas Graves.

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Working with the NCSBA will cost the county $17,500 plus expenses.

The Board Association says generally the hiring process can take six months.

Legal counselor with the NCSBA Allison Schafer says it can take a while for candidates to fill out the application and get in the necessary information.

"During that interim, there's community input or other things like that, and then there's interviews. Usually boards interview 7 to 10 candidates, then there's decision to narrow it down. After that, there's a thorough background check of the candidates, and then second interviews, and then the board decides," Schafer said.

The board decided the application deadline will be April 17th.

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