Road expansion could force an Horry County fire station to relocate

Horry County Fire Rescue (WPDE)

Horry County plans to expand 20 highways throughout the county to make room for more traffic as the area continues to grow.

The widening of Forestbrook Road in Myrtle Beach could force the Forestbrook Fire Station to be relocated, because their isn't enough room on the current property to rebuild the station.

The widening project hasn't started quite yet. It's number 10 on the county's Ride Three priority list.

Horry County Fire Rescue Spokesman Mark Nugent said they are constantly looking over new locations for fire rescue stations. He said if a move was necessary, they would plan to relocate in the same general area of the county to continue serving the needs of that community.

"We would want to stay there to make sure we were maintaining everything we need to do as far as coverage from that specific area," said Nugent.

Improvements include adding a five-lane road with a center turn lane and the installation of bike and pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks and wider travel lanes.

The plans for this widening project are only in the initial stages and Nugent said as of right now, the Forestbrook station is here to stay.

Council members said they have plans to have more concrete details on the project at its council retreat meeting next month.

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