Rice remains US House Rep for SC's Dist. 7

Tom Rice Pic.jpg

Republican Tom Rice remains the only U.S. House member South Carolina's new 7th District has ever had.

Rice beat Democratic state Rep. Robert Williams on Tuesday for a fourth term in the district, which South Carolina gained in the 2010 U.S. Census because of rapid population growth.

Rice is a businessman and a former Horry County Council member and represents one end of the new district in Myrtle Beach.

At his campaign party Tuesday evening he mentioned being excited to help boost the area's economy and the amount of tourism coming into the area, especially by backing I-73.

“The number one priority right now is infrastructure. I-73 is the number one project in this district, I think that one item will do more for opportunity for people here than anything else I could do,” said Rice.

ABC 15 also spoke with Rice's opponent, Robert Williams.

“We’re talking about the environment; we’re talking about change. I just wanted to see this area have some economic movement and infrastructure movement to bring about such change that we need in our community,” said Williams.

Williams is from Darlington and represents the other end of the 7th District.

Williams appeared on some ballots twice. He's also running for his seat in the South Carolina House which he has held for six terms.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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