Restaurants team up to help the Grand Strand go green


Tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. But, one Grand Strand restaurant owner is making it his business to help the Grand Strand go green.

As part of that mission to do his part, some of the fan-favorite bars at the beach are making some changes.

"I see just trash just, styrofoam carry out plates, you know, floating around and it's not very attractive," said Dave Rider.

To cut down on that trash, The Claw House and Dead Dog Saloon are replacing styrofoam boxes with paper versions.

They're also replacing drinking straws, plastic bags, and everything else that frequently ends up in the water and doesn't break down, in favor of other paper products.

"We've been looking at this for years. Back when we first looked at it five, six, seven years ago, it was just cost prohibitive," said John Campbell, the managing partner for both restaurants.

In years gone by, paper alternatives to styrofoam cost three times as much. These days, they only cost three times as much.

Rider and Campbell say that's a cost they're willing to swallow.

But, for the next month or so, customers will still see the old materials if they visit the bars.

The staff says there's a good reason though--"The joke I told my staff to say is well, what are we supposed to do, throw all of these styrofoam containers out? That would kind of defeat the purpose. So, we have to go through that inventory first."

So far, customers say they have no complaints to make about the upcoming switch.

"I'm great to hear that they're really doing something that helps our environment," said Joe Vitale.

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