Residents in Lumberton shelters are ready to get back home

Lumberton Flood.PNG

People in Lumberton shelters are getting anxious, and ready to return back to their homes.

For some of the people taking shelter at Lumberton High School, it could be days, or even weeks, before they’re able to return home.

While living in a shelter can be an uncomfortable situation, many people staying at the shelter agree, things could be worse.

"I don’t know if we lost our home or not but I hope we don’t cause I pray every night that I hope we still got a home to go to," said Harry Chavis, who had to be rescued from flood waters.

Hundreds of people had to be rescued from life-threatening flooding almost a week ago.

"They had to come in there and get us and everything cause the boats and all that and saved us and everything because if they wouldn’t have saved us we probably would’ve got drowned and stuff," said Chavis.

Forced to leave everything behind, many evacuees said the last few nights have been challenging.

"Its been so loud and everything at night, you cant get no sleep and everything," said Chavis.

Many business owners in the area are also are trying to get things back up and running.

"Its like 5 feet of water in my office, so this happens to regular," said business owner, Dobbs Oxendine.

Having gone through a major weather event for the second time in two years, Oxendine said, its time local leaders find a solution, but in the meantime he’s focusing on his plans to get back to business.

"I got people standing by when this water goes I got a carpenter, an electrician and all that, they’ll come in here and it wont take all that long because I'm kind of organized," said Oxendine.

Officials with the Red Cross said there were over 700 people who checked in when the shelter first opened Friday night, and there are now 542 people waiting to to get back home as of Tuesday night.

Red cross officials said they plan to keep the shelters open as long as there is a need

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