Report: Woman steals ambulance in Little River

Laurie Elizabeth Leone. (Credit: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)

A North Carolina woman is accused in the theft of an ambulance-- stolen from the scene of a medical emergency, according to a report filed by the Horry County Police Dept.

Laurie Leone, 40, of Shallotte, North Carolina, was arrested Monday afternoon after police say she stole an Horry County Fire Rescue ambulance from the scene of medical emergency on River Hills Drive in Little River.

A fireman who had responded to the medical emergency told police that when leaving the scene, he noticed the ambulance following the fire engine and radioed back to the scene, when he learned all the EMS personnel were still working.

The fireman reported stopping the engine in the left northbound lane of Highway 17, getting out of the vehicle and spotting Leone, who then climbed out of the ambulance and said she was following them because she needed help.

Leone was being given a medical assessment on a stretcher in the back of the ambulance when officers arrived on scene

Leone told police she saw a fire engine, which reminded her of her dad, so she decided to follow it in the unattended ambulance, the report states.

Leone was medically cleared, arrested and charged with grand larceny.

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