Report: Man sprays woman with mace after road rage incident near Market Common

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A man is wanted on assault charges after a woman says he sprayed her with mace following a road rage incident near The Market Common on Sunday afternoon.

The 31-year-old woman told police she was on her motorcycle near The Market Common at a red light. She says a man behind her on Ocean Boulevard honked at her when the light turned green and before she could start to go the man revved his engine.

She told police that she was afraid he would hit her and the two exchanged words before she told him to go away and drove off.

The woman said she started to drive into The Market Common but the man kept following her so she eventually pulled over. She said the man had a can of mace in his hand and when she yelled at him again to go away he sprayed her with it.

The woman said in the report that the mace hit the left side of her face and that's when she picked up a stick and hit the man with it.

She told police she also threw a brick at the man, but it hit his car instead.

According to the report, the man kept telling the woman she “didn’t belong in the neighborhood” and “didn’t work for a living.”

The woman said she took a photo of the man’s car and his license plate and when police went to the home they found a car with a mark that matched her story.

But the man did not answer the door and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Howard Eugene Buckner, 73, is wanted for assault, third degree, according to the report.

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