Report: Man disguised as a woman robs Sunhouse gas station

(WPDE file image)

Horry County police are investigating after a man, trying to disguise himself by dressing as a woman, robbed the Sunhouse gas station off of Highway 905 on Wednesday, according to a police report.

Police were called at around 1 p.m. to the reported armed robbery near Longs.

According to the report, the victim told officers a person walked into the liquor sales section of the store and asked for mini bottles, so she asked him for identification.

But he said he didn't have his ID and instead pulled out a note that said "I will shoot you, give me all the money," the report stated.

He then put a purse on the counter and put his hand in it as if he had a gun, so the woman gave him money.

The man grabbed the cash and also some mini bottles and put it all in his purse, according to the report. He then made the woman get down on the floor behind the register before he left.

He was reportedly wearing a white ball cap with a long brown wig, sunglasses, a long sleeved white shirt with pink designs on it, and blue jeans.

The woman told police all of the clothing was "an attempt to make himself look like a woman," according to the report. She also said he had "baby teeth" and one was chipped off.

The man was last seen walking down Highway 31 towards the boat landing, according to the report.

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