Report: Man arrested after police find vehicle wired to electrocute potential thieves

(J. Reuben Long. WPDE background)

An Horry County man was arrested on Thursday after police found a vehicle in his driveway with a wire running to it and a note saying "do not touch anything metal or it could mean your life," according to a police report.

Robert Willis Flinchum, 68, is charged with having a hoax device or replica of destructive device or detonator, after EMS and a bomb squad unit was called to a home off of S.C. 707 on July 5.

According to a police report, Horry County EMS & Fire crews were called to the home on Scottish Court because Flinchum said he thought he had been poisoned and he felt like he was drunk.

Crews took him to the hospital and, as units were clearing the scene, a metal wire was found running from the garage to a back tire of a vehicle in the front driveway.

A note was also found taped to the vehicle saying "do not touch anything metal or it could mean your life," the report stated.

Crews believed there was a destructive device in the vehicle and nearby homes were evacuated as a bomb squad unit was called to investigate.

An officer went to the hospital and talked to Flinchum and he said the note was to "deter his wife or anyone else from touching or attempting to remove the vehicle from the property," the report states.

He told the officer, according to the report, that there was no chemical or bombs attached to the vehicle, just an electrical current coming from a lamp inside the garage. He said he just wanted "to scare people off from attempting to take the vehicle."

A team investigated and found no bomb, but the wire was charged with an electrical current.

Flinchum is still incarcerated at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center as of around noon on July 6.

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