Report: Bloodied man found in church led investigators to body of homeless man


Georgetown County officials continue their investigation into a homeless man who was found dead in Murrells Inlet Sunday.

An incident report says that GCSO deputies were initially called to Harvest Church at 3552 Old Kings Highway for reports of a man who had entered, covered in blood and had swollen eyes. On arrival, EMS was already caring for the subject in the back of an ambulance. Deputies say he had apparent injuries to his head and face.

They were able to gather some basic information before he was transported to Grand Strand Hospital. The victim stated that a man with a beard had pistol-whipped him in the face and head while robbing him, according to the report.

Deputies were later informed that the victim expressed concern about another man in a tent who was unresponsive and cold to the touch. With this information, deputies proceeded to check on the victim in the tent.

Deputies say they had to call in animal control to remove the victim's dog, which was protecting the body. The dog was taken to St. Francis Animal Center in Georgetown County for safe keeping. They were then able to confirm the victim was, in fact, deceased.

The victim, later identified as Ralph Seitz, III, was found lying face down in the tent with just a pair of jeans and socks on. Deputies said, "the jeans were down partially exposing the victim's buttocks." There was no blood found around the body or in the tent.

The second tent, deputies say, had what looked like blood or another type of dried fluid in and around it.

Two witnesses were able to confirm the story told by the other victim. They said he entered covered in blood with his eyes swollen shut and they proceeded to get help and asked him what happened. He told them he had been attacked earlier in the day by a man around 3 a.m. The first witness also said the man expressed concern about a man in a tent, later found to be Seitz.

Once the coroner and investigator arrived on scene, they found that Seitz had obvious injuries to the face and head area, including swollen eyes, dried blood on his face and nose and a laceration on his head just about his right eyebrow.

This incident is still under investigation by GCSO.

Editor's Note: The incident report from the GCSO incorrectly identified the deceased as 60-year-old Ricky Alan Angus, of Conway. The Coroner's Office Friday corrected the identity of the deceased.

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