Community remembers popular florist

(Deevon Rahming, WPDE)

A popular businessman in Downtown Conway has passed away.

The owner of The Daisy Fair Flower Shop, Dave Summers, will be laid to rest on Sunday. Summers was 82.

He was known as 'THE David'.

Summers was the founder of Daisy Fair Flowers in downtown Conway and put his heart and soul into building a successful business.

The new shop owner, Daved Kinard, said, "he opened his shop 40 years ago and prior to that he had worked at a couple other shops here in town and decided he could do this on his own and started out slow and built it to the awesome business it is today."

Kinard worked with Summers for the last 20 years. Now the man called the other David will carry on his legacy.

"When I first came here not knowing exactly what to expect, everybody would come in and say well my names David and his name was David so it got to be where it would be THE David or the other David," said Kinard.

Store employees said, "the minute you walked through the doors, you were always greeted like family."

"When you came in and he was here, he was a talker and he had to greet you no matter how busy he was doing, he always met you with the biggest smile all his little ladies got their little pecks on the cheek, everybody that was just his thing," said Kinard.

Kinard knows its going to be tough not having his partner in crime around.

"We had a wonderful working relationship and I look forward to carrying his legacy on," he said.

And part of that legacy is looking after "Big Bertha," Summer's prize chandelier.

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