Relative says family of five-year-old Dillon girl killed so distraught they've left town

(Photo courtesy of Go Fund Me page for Perla)

Abel Basurto said the family of a five-year-old Perla Azucena Banueloss Allenda are so distraught over the child's killing at their Dillon County home that they've left town.

Basurto talked with us by phone about how the parents are taking their little girl's death.

Little Perla was asleep in her bed when she was shot this past Saturday at her family's home on Lester Road in Dillon County.

Basurto said there were three other children in the home all under 12 years old when the shooting happened.

He added her parents found Perla badly bleeding.

The parents called 911, ran outside for help and waited for EMS, according to Basurto.

He added two women ran over to the home and one of them performed CPR on Perla.

EMS took the child to the hospital where she died.

Deputies said someone was shooting in the neighborhood.

Relatives say a stray bullet struck and killed Perla.

Lakeisha Martin, 24, is charged with attempted murder for shooting one of the victims, but she's not charged in the five-year-old's death, according to Captain Cliff Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

James Caulder lives a few doors down from Perla's family.

Caulder heard loud music the night of the shooting, but not gunshots.

"I woke up somewhere between 2 and 3. I hear the music like I hear every weekend. I got up the next morning and I seen the yard was full of deputy sheriff's. And I feared something had happened. Until later on I found out a five-year-old girl got killed. And that sort of made me feel bad about the situation. It shouldn't have never happened. Careless people out there don't know how to control guns or their tempers. You know it's just terrible," said Caulder.

Caulder said the family just moved to the neighborhood about two weeks ago.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to raise money for the child's funeral expenses.

Here's an excerpt from the Go Fund Me page.

My name is Martha Allende Perez. On February 3rd at around 2:30 am, my world turned upside down. I lost my youngest, precious daughter, Perla. There was a shooting across the street from our house, which resulted in people running towards my house and a man shooting a gun everywhere. One of the gun shots went through my house and into my Perla’s side stomach while she was sleeping in her bed. The police and ambulance came to the scene and shocked Perla when they got here, reviving her. But my daughter didn’t make it to surgery and she passed away. My family and I are asking for help from anyone who would be willing to donate to help the funeral costs for my daughter. Anything will help as my family and I are going through the hardest of times. Thank you.

Arnette said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Dillon County Coroner Donnie Grimsley has ruled the child's death a homicide.

We've requested a copy of the incident report to learn more details about the shooting.

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