Record-breaking pilot inspires students in Scotland County

Record-breaking pilot inspires students in Scotland County (WPDE)

Captain Barrington Irving spent the day with about 120 students at Carver Middle School in Scotland County.

Barrington is the youngest person and the first African American to ever fly solo around the world.

He had students make airplanes out of ice cream sticks as they learned about the "magic" of flight.

The students are a part of the district's science, technology engineering and math program better known as STEM.

Barrington talked with them about how he uses math, science and technology to fly airplanes.

He also talked with them about his humble beginnings.

"What today is about is to be able to show kids there's a world of opportunities for them. And, yes, I started out poor, and I was able to leverage the world of aviation to become successful, " said Irving .

Irving's success story inspired many students.

"As him being a person from the hood that could become the successful figure that he is now, it makes me think that, if he can do it, I can do it," said Jaheim McRae.

School district administrators said they wanted to show the students that there are a world of opportunities out there for them.

They said they're pretty sure the youngsters got the message.

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