Reactions to President Trump's alleged comments continue to pour in


President Trump continues to deny using a curse word to describe Haiti and African countries, but that hasn't stopped world, national, and local figures from making their opinions known.

"I don't know what he said, I wasn't in the room. He says he didn't say what some people say, I have no idea," Congressman Tom Rice said. "But, that kind of language I don't think is productive."

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham also chose his words in a carefully worded statement, but reportedly confronted Trump after the expletives were used.

Locally, many ABC15 viewers questioned that Trump actually cursed during the immigration reform meeting.

Others said the cursing wasn't a big deal because most people use harsh language at one point or another.

The reactions were less muted abroad, especially in the countries described by the reported statement.

The Botswana government released a harsh statement on its Facebook page, condemning the remarks as racist.

Several countries have summoned the U.S. ambassadors stationed there to answer questions.

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