QUIZ: Which ABC15 evening team member are you?

ABC15 News Evening Team

After Summer Dashe's special report about the hidden secrets of online quizzes, we wanted to give you a chance to take a safe quiz!

Which ABC15 evening team member are you? Take the quiz to find out! Write down your answers and tally them at the end.

Where is your dream vacation?
A. Australia
B. Egypt
C. The French Riviera
D. Hawaii

What is your favorite movie?
A. Point Break
B. Tombstone
C. We Were Soldiers
D. Shawshank Redemption

What kind of student were you?
A. A’s and B’s
B. B’s and C’s
C. Mostly A’s
D. My grades were rocky

What is your favorite music genre?
A. Country
B. Everything
C. Pop
D. Anything 80’s

Pick a life motto.
A. Trust in the Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6
B. Life’s a garden, dig it!
C. Live a great story.
D. Get busy living or get busy dying.

Who is your idol?
A. Jesus
B. Mom or Dad
C. A celebrity
D. Veterans

Favorite meal of the day?
A. Lunch
B. Late night
C. Brunch
D. Dinner

Now tally up your answers and find out below!

Mostly A’s
You’re like Trey Paul!

Trey has always been fascinated by the ocean and is a certified scuba diver. He loves adventure, exploring, and asking questions. He hopes to explore Australia someday and even talk to a kangaroo and ask it some questions. Plus, he has a disturbingly convincing Australian accent that needs to be put to use. His favorite movie, naturally, has to do with the ocean. He likes that Point Break is thought provoking, but it has to be the original. Trey’s mom may have been a teacher, but he was the class clown. He has not grown out of that, just ask his coworkers. He got mostly A’s and B’s in school. His favorite music is “kuntry.” He says it’s relatable and tells a story, which is fitting because he likes to tell stories and listen to them, too. Trey lives by proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and He will make your paths straight.” He says his idol is Jesus because he created him and loves him. He hopes to meet Him one day and He was perfect. Trey can demolish some nachos or a good sandwich for lunch. He’s not into fancy foods, but his other life motto is “dessert above all.”

Mostly B’s
You’re like Brandon Dunn!

Brandon loves history and would be thrilled to head to Egypt to see the pyramids and learn about history by touring such a historic place. It makes sense, then, that he’s a huge fan of western movies! He’s also from Dallas, Texas, so we think they remind him of the good ole days in Cowboy Country. Brandon was valedictorian. Just kidding. He says he got B’s and C’s in school. You’d expect a fella from Dallas to choose country music as a favorite, but Brandon says he has no favorite genre of music. He’ll rock out to just about anything with a beat! Life’s a garden, dig it! Right? That’s his favorite motto in life. If you’re like Brandon, you look up to your mom or dad. In Brandon’s case, it’s dad. He says his dad always did things the right way. He admires that. The best food is served when the sun goes down! That’s why dinner or late night are Brandon’s favorite meals!

Mostly C’s
You’re like Summer Dashe!

Summer visited parts of France during a graduation trip with her mom and is grateful for those memories. She loved the beautiful scenery, shopping, and elegance of the French Riviera. Her favorite movie, We Were Soldiers, is based on a battle in which her dad fought while in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. She loved the movie before she even knew it was the same battle her dad always talked about growing up. Summer was your typical teacher’s pet! She got mostly A’s in school. You’ll often find her blasting Taylor Swift, P!nk, or Kelly Clarkson in her convertible. She really loves country music, too, but Trey already stole that answer. Her life motto, “Live a great story,” suits the journalist in her well and matches her positive outlook. Summer grew up watching her idol, Julie Haener, on KTVU in San Francisco and interned at the station when she was a teenager. She was tasked with delivering Julie’s scripts to her on the desk and was so nervous she couldn’t say a word and almost dropped them. Julie Haener has no idea who Summer Dashe is, but Summer is currently trying to build up the courage to email her to thank her for inspiring her career. Having spent years in Dallas, which Summer refers to as “the brunch capital of the world,” there is little she loves more than brunching on a patio with a drink, good friends, and her dog, Sundae.

Mostly D’s
You’re like Ed Piotrowski!

Ed is a saltwater aquarium hobbyist and he was born in Hawaii! He’s also hoping to visit New Zealand someday to experience deserts, volcanoes, snow, glaciers, fjords, and all the other geography nerd stuff it has to offer. He says Shawshank Redemption teaches us that hope, perseverance and never giving in to despair can help you fulfill what seems like impossible dreams. It also tells the story of true friendship that endures impossible conditions. Ed got off to a rocky start in school, but by college he had graduated with honors. He would draw weather maps in English class and pass them around showing classmates what the weather would be like. If it was wrong, he blamed the TV weatherman! No kidding. By the way, if you ever visit the studio, Ed is blasting 80’s music. The songs of that decade take him back to some of his fondest memories in life and remind him of the music mom and dad listened to growing up. His motto is, “get busy living or get busy dying.” He knows time really does fly and wants to look back on life and smile knowing he did all he wanted. Veterans are Ed’s idols. His dad was in the Marine Corps and on deployment in all corners of the world for a total of four years of his life. During that time his family would go weeks without knowing where he was or if he was even still alive. Veterans do it or love of country and little pay and are the people he most respects. Ed enjoys a good dinner and time to relax.

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