President Trump tours Conway to survey damage from flooding


President Donald Trump has arrived in South Carolina on the second leg of a two-state trip to survey damage caused by Hurricane Florence.

Trump arrived by helicopter Wednesday afternoon at an airport near the city of Conway, which is near Myrtle Beach.

He then made his way to Long Avenue outside of Conway and talked with residents.

“He was shaking hands and so I took the opportunity to let him know he was about to walk past my house and he told me it was a nice house and I said it was, as in, it used to be. Hopefully it still will be," Candace Johnson, who lives on Long Avenue, said. “He said well, you’ve never had it this bad before and I said no sir. He smiled and said I’m sorry and helps on the way, money’s coming.”

Earlier in the day, Trump visited the city of New Bern, North Carolina, which experienced severe flooding due to Florence. The president helped hand out meals at a Baptist church serving as a food distribution center and walked along a neighborhood street strewn with trash, branches and sodden furniture.

He offered hugs and handshakes and posed for photos with people cleaning up their homes after the powerful storm.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper also briefed the president on the recovery effort.

Brittaney Rodden was in the area helping friends evacuate. She said she had a message for the President.

“Stick to your word. Make sure everybody gets what they need," Rodden said.

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